L12: Weekly Reflection

This we we learned about social media for SEO and did project #4, which was very confusing and stressful. We also did the intro to social networking. Here is my list of four social media sites that I could market my website on: Facebook, Blogger, Youtube, & Twitter. I chose some of these social media sites to use and I’m taking steps to market my website. I’m going to try to have a blog section on my site, which would allow bloggers to subscribe/follow my blog and so on. I also think I’ll create a Facebook fan page people can like and I’ll add like/share buttons to my site. I have a youtube channel that I’ve linked to my site under ‘videos’, so people can subscribe to the site’s youtube channel and so on. I don’t think I’ll use twitter though.

L11: Weekly Reflection

This week I added a lot more text to my landing page, and I tried to make that text closely match not just my keywords but also the text of my ads. I did this because the reading for this assignment says “Make sure your landing page is directly relevant to your ad text and keyword. (…) Provide useful information on your landing page about whatever you’re advertising (…) Openly share information about your business and clearly state what your business does”. Before, my landing page had the title of the page and the music, but almost no text. I have since added a page description/instructions that includes the text from the ads and the keywords and also has a call to action. “Browse and listen to covers and medleys featuring piano, violin, and ocarina. Buy your favorite tracks now, or save big by getting the complete album!” The menu is easily accessed and the albums are visible 2 at a time without having to scroll, so you can easily get to all 4 with minimal scrolling. My site/ad landing page is RedCaioMusic.com/Music  

I want to show unique value, so I added text on my landing page that emphasized that my product is unlink any other. I didn’t just buy sheet music and then play it, I arranged each piece myself and by ear, so my arrangements are different and unique, making them fresh and interesting to my visitors. I added “You won’t hear music like this anywhere else – experience new renditions & unique arrangements of Hollywood’s most popular and iconic Film Scores.” “Piano Cover” and “Violin Cover” are my top keywords as far a quality score is concerned, so I chose them and I sought to optimize the landing page for those keywords. Because of this, I have added a lot more text to my landing page and I tried to make that text closely match not just my keywords but also the text of my ads. We haven’t learn about inlinks or backlinks yet, but the link to the backlink checker tool said I don’t have any yet.

L10: Weekly Reflection

This week we learned about ROI or Return of the Jedi… wait, I mean Return on Investment. We also learned about conversion tracking and optimizing ad performance. I started the campaign Oct 24, 2016. It appears to have had 51 clicks. It appears to have had 9,353 impressions. It appears to have had an average Cost per Click (CPC) of $0.09. It appears to have had an average ad position of 3.3. It appears to have had a conversion rate of 0.00%. I’ll probably delete the keywords that are too broad like Piano, Ocarina, Violin and the ones that aren’t that relevant like Free and Sheet Music. We posted on discussion boards. I think I am going to try to improve my landing page to have even more relevant text that matches my keywords and such.

L09: Weekly Reflection

This week we learned about Quality Score, and the main components of quality score: Expected Clickthrough Rate, Ad Relevance, and Landing Page Experience. Then we read about how to improve our ad quality. Then we posted in the discussion board about our best keyword told what its quality score was, why we believe it is what it is, and told three things we could do to increase its quality score. For my Keyword “Piano Cover”, it showed the Quality score as 8/10 (Expected clickthrough rate: Above average, Ad relevance: Above average, Landing page experience: Average). To improve the keyword, I could work on my landing page to make it flow smoothly and help visitors find what they want. I also could add the actual keyword into the text of my site’s pages. Finally, I could ad action statements to the site to improve landing page experience. Then we created/activated  Adwords campaigns for our websites. Once we had created the campaign, we created the requested screen capture and attached the image and submitted the assignment. Then we read a whole lot of stuff about Google Analytics and it was very confusing. I connected it to adwords and I added the tracking code to Wix, which made it easy. The tracking code that I used to setup Google Analytics on my website was UA-87012108-1. I pasted the tracking code in the WIX website tool in the user panel, under Domains. I clicked the expand arrow next to the domain connected to my site, clicked the Analytics tab, and added the code to the Google Analytics Code field and then I clicked submit. After watching about 5 or 6 tutorials, I linked my Google Analytics account to my Google AdWords account. I searched under Linked Accounts and clicked Google Analytics, linked the site and changed it to “import site metrics”. I feel like Google Analytics could help my web business be more successful because I’ll know I need to change something if I see people are clicking the ad but not completing the path for the purchase.

L08: Weekly Reflection

This week we worked on our Ads and Ad groups. I like the reading and videos we used to help us find ways we could improve our ads. At first my ads didn’t have much besides information, so I was helpful reading about the ‘call to action’ part where your ad should incite people to do something like “Get your tickets today” or “purchase yours in just 3 easy steps” and so on. I also liked how some example ads showed the price, so I tried to incorporate that buy using “download MP3s for just $0.99 each”. Then we posted our ads on the discussion boards and gave feedback on each other’s posts. This week was actually sort of tolerable; I’m trying to be pleasantly surprised instead of suspicious.

L07: Weekly Reflection

This week we worked on our AdWords Campaign and our choices for various Keywords. We also wrote out a demo/work-in-progress advertisement for our sites. Of course we had the obligatory discussion boards as well. At least my site is looking relatively good, which is nice.

When considering what geographic locations I want my ad to show in, I decide the US and Canada were a good choice. Since the currency used is US dollars, the US makes sense. I added Canada because I have one Canadian friend. When considering what devices I want my ad to show on, I picked all available devices, since most individuals and families either own or at least use multiple types of devices. When considering whether to choose automatic or manual bidding options, I decided to do automatic bidding. One, it seems easier and two, I don’t think I’ll need to manually change anything. When considering what my daily budget would be, of course I might go back and change it, but right now I just want to avoid spending more than absolutely necessary so I chose 1 dollar because I’m poor. To give you a good picture, my bank froze the transaction when I tried to buy a Wix account because I never spend over 100 dollars. I had to call them and confirm it was me before it could go through.

When considering what I think the characteristics of a bad keyword would be, I decided that I think a bad keyword is one that doesn’t attract buyers? For example, if you’re selling shoes and you choose a keyword something like “free shoes”, then I’d imagine you’d get a lot of clicks on your ad, but once the user sees your page and finds out your shoes aren’t free, they probably won’t stick around and buy stuff. I’m selling music mp3s and at first I picked “download sheet music” as a keyword because the monthly searches for that are relatively high. Even though I don’t actually sell and sheet music, my site is fairly relevant to people who would want sheet music downloads (If you like piano sheet music, you probably like piano mp3s too). But now I’m thinking it might not be the best keyword since someone searching “piano sheet music download” is less likely to buy and mp3 than some who searched “piano mp3 download”.

L06: Weekly Reflection

This week I set out to research and to determine which licenses and taxes will be required of me as a result of starting my business in Fort Collins, CO. Several hours and several more headaches later (and a few meltdowns too), it sounds as though I will need a City Sales and Use Tax License. Luckily, there is no fee for the City of Fort Collins sales and use tax license. I might need a Home Occupation License and/or permit (I’m not sure if those are the same or if they are two separate things). I believe that will cost $25.

What often happens to me is that I have time on monday to post on the discussion boards all I want, but they’re not open yet, so I wait until they’re open and I post in them. We’re supposed to have 5 posts, 4 of which are replies to others’ posts, however there’s never enough posts to do that. I post like one original and about two replies and I can’t reply more because no one else has posted yet, I come back the next day and there’s one new post, so I reply, but I’m still missing some of the required replies. Later on there’s finally enough posts for me to reply to, but it’s already too late because by then it’s apparently past the due date for the discussion board posts. The problem is doubled since we often have not one, but two discussion boards in just one week. So, no matter what I do, it seems as though there is no way for me to get full credit on these discussion boards. I would think there would be a way the discussion boards could be open for a longer period of time or something.

Honestly, I don’t understand the point of limiting the DBs to just one 24 hour period. The whole point of taking a class online is so that you’re not so tied down by when you have to do something. To say that the DBs are limited to 24 hrs so that it’s like a real-life classroom where you have to all show up at the same time and participate is ludicrous – we’re supposed to be able to post when we have the time and as long as everyone’s posted by a certain time, we’re good. I would recommend opening all assignments and DBs on monday morning and having it all due at the end of the week/start of the next week. Or at least open half on monday and have it due by wednesday night and then opening up the next half and that’s all due by the end of the week/start of the next week.

My other instructors put actual feedback when I get my grades back. It’ll be like “Assignment 1, points: 6/10, feedback: Hi Spencer, you got marked down 4 points because you forgot to add your sources” or something like that. But not in this class. In this class you get “Assignment 1, points: 6/10, feedback: see the rubric, you know, the same exact one you’ve already looked at before” and then you email the teacher and get a vague answer and you still don’t know what you did wrong or how to avoid doing that in the future. I just feel so overwhelmed and depressed.